Website Management  Made Simple.

What’s Included?


Basic Maintenance

Websites built in Wordpress require ongoing maintenance to keep them technically up-to-date. This typically involves regularly updating the software of Wordpress core files, theme files, and plugin files – all of which are present on nearly all Wordpress websites.

We update these files for our clients on a regular schedule, and then run tests to make sure that these updates didn’t cause any compatibility issues, which is a surprisingly common occurance!


Unlimited Content Edits

This is meant to free up your team’s time. As a member of our Website Management service, you’ll no longer have to worry about updating the content of your website.

At your request, we’ll swap out the text or media on any page, while preserving the layout and design of the page.

We’ll also take over the tedious work of uploading blog posts, case studies, products, and other content types.


Unlimited Bug Fixes

We’ll repair any broken visual elements or functionality that isn’t working as intended.



As a member of our Website Management service, we’ll migrate you to a hosting provider thats fast, secure, and built to handle your CMS.



A computer screen shot of a website page.A computer screen shot of a website page.

Did you know business websites are required to be accessible to visitors with disabilities?

For example, people who are blind, color blind, or have a tough time using a computer mouse use assisted viewing technologies to interact with your website - and there is a set of guidelines called the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) that govern how businesses need to set up their websites to work with that technology.

Lack of compliance poses a legal risk, probably hurts your SEO, and makes your website difficult to use for a segment of the population.


Page Speed Optimization

A screen shot of a web page with a number of people on it.A screen shot of a web page with a number of items on it.

No one likes a slow website - especially not your customers.

Portent’s study shows that page speed is connected strongly to conversion rate – meaning that if you have a slow website, a smaller percentage of your visitors will turn into leads or customers.

Part of our Website Management service is a regularly scheduled speed test and (as needed) optimization.


Enhanced Analytics

A screen shot of the dashboard of a computer.

What was your website’s conversion rate this week? Did it vary by channel or by device type? What traffic sources are most valuable?

These are just a few examples of the data points we’ll help you keep track of, so you can measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing.


Security & Malware Removal

We regularly scan our clients’ websites for malware or security vulnerabilities.

Paul Connolly, Water to Go

“The Sher Agency substantially improved the performance of our site and helped us expand the content of the site to fit the needs of our customers.”

Websites We Created

Get a website or landing page that converts more visitors into customers, and attracts more traffic from Google.

Hosting, security, software updates, uptime monitoring, bug fixes, content management, and more.

Drive traffic to your website through organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) traffic.

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